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Many masters,one religion

A perspective on Spirituality

Many masters such as Jesus,Buddha,Krishna,etc have walked on Earth with a sole motive of spreading love and peace.They may belong to different religions,but their motive was one.They may have taught us different religious method, but if we really think about it, their focus was to make us a better human being.Hence I would not consider them as Religious Gurus (masters), but as Spiritual masters, with emphasis on one religion,i.e, humanity.

I believe that the answer to all our problems resides in spirituality.

Spirituality is a way of thinking; aiming towards self awakening, which can be achieved through self realization.It can be simply understood as knowing about spirit (self).We know very little about ourselves and our potential.The most important thing to know about ourselves is that we are a part of universe (Creator).And once we realize this truth,we start walking on this beautiful path of spirituality.

To be spiritual is to do self introspection.

To be spiritual is to realize that you are universe itself.

To be spiritual is to realize your purpose of life.

To be spiritual is to bring peace and love in your life.

To be spiritual is to treat everyone with equality.

To be spiritual is to be born again (becoming human again).

The need of the hour is to raise our consciousness and to help each other in their spiritual journey by spreading love and peace in the world,and this could be only achieved through shift in our thinking.

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A note to my inner child (self)

Dear Inner Child,

As I came to know that there is a little child in each one of us; a five year old version of us; filled with love and acceptance; I took this opportunity to know about your well being.

While writing this letter,I am clearly able to visualize a five year old version of myself;dancing with joy,laughing her heart out,love in her eyes,happy without reason.I miss you.I miss those time when I could love unconditionally,I could laugh without reason,be happy within my own self.

Now I have grown up, as an adult.But am I happy?I smile less,I love half-hearten,I judge myself,I think more.I want to apologize to you for not taking care of you.While I was in a hurry to grow up,I forgot to take you with me and therefore I lost my five year old version,which was the best version of myself.

I seek forgiveness from you for leaving you behind by beginning a war with you and criticizing you just like our parents criticized us: “you are stupid”,”you are not good enough”,”you are wrong”,etc.This constant criticism became a habit and hence I lost you in the past.I forgot that by criticizing and belittling you,I am doing a permanent damage to my own self esteem.

I am sorry I haven’t talked to you over the years.I am sorry I scolded you for so long.I want to make up for all the time we spent apart from each other.

I want to connect with my “little version” once again.I want to be whole once again.I want to make our life better once again.I want to be happy once again.

My inner child is my happy child

Today,as I write this note,I want to tell you;my five year old version;my inner child that :

“I love you and accept you exactly as you are”.

“I am safe and secure”.

“I forgive myself  and release all the hurt and pain”.

“I love you,dear one.I am here for you.You are safe.”

Louise Hay’s affirmations

I am looking forward to connect with you. See you soon and welcome happiness and love once again in our life.

Yours forever

Adult Self



Journey of Self-Love

In our day to day life, we often speak about “self-love”, how we should love ourselves, how we should give time to self, how we should make ourselves a priority. But do we really love ourselves?

Often we assume that we can easily develop self-love, in a day or two. Let’s say by taking a break, travelling, going for shopping, joining a hobby class, pampering ourselves with a movie, by doing exercise and the list goes on and on.

But have we ever thought that why a rise in mental health issues is there? Do we ever wonder why do we easily get angry? Why do we feel stressed most of the time? Why do we feel sad? What has led to an increase in suicide rate? What are our greatest fears and insecurities? Why am I always anxious? What are we afraid of?

Now the real question is what has led to so many problems in our life?

To answer this, let’s visualize a one year old child. They love each and every part of their body. They are filled with unconditional love; their smile reflects the love stored in their heart and their eyes reflect joy and happiness. But as they grow up(just like we did); their parents starting teaching them the concept of right and wrong, based on their experience and learning from their parent. And thus a vicious cycle of right & wrong, conditional love gets transferred from one generation to another. While as an adult, we start teaching the concept of right and wrong (based on our own little experience), the child gradually starts developing the idea that only if they do everything right, then his parents would love and accept him (conditional love).So the child starts a war within himself and starts feeling, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”, “I AM STUPID”,”I CAN’T DO ANYTHING”,etc. Slowly as the child grows up, love for self becomes conditional and he starts loosing love and acceptance for itself. So when we grow up as an adult, we start abusing ourselves for every little mistake, developing a parameter of judging ourselves and thus become the biggest critic of self.

While speaking of self-love, Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya has stated,”Realize your worth and believe that you are uniquely made by the almighty in the world.”

Now that you have understood that self-love is a long journey,which requires feeding yourself with positive thoughts,unconditional love and self acceptance,I would like to ask you :


If yes, then right now go towards the mirror and look deep into your eyes and say, “I love you, I really really love you. I accept you exactly as you are.”(Louise Hay’s affirmation)

How do you feel?Now I would request you to do this as many times as you can,daily.

Congratulations! Your journey of self-love has begun.