We all have heard the word gratitude many times; a word so simple has the power to change our life for good, if we are seriously looking to change our life. Gratitude is an attitude of appreciation for all the small and big things in our life.

“Thank you”, is a magical word given to us to unlock the happiness in our life. The key is in our hand, so the decision rest upon us either to open the lock or let it remained close.

I learned this magic of gratitude working through my little sister, who always expressed her gratitude for every small things and therefore she is happy unlike me.I never knew that she has been practicing gratitude so effectively, till I noticed it.For example, “Thank you for making coffee for me”. Though this sentence looks simpler, but that’s the process of gratitude, expressing thank you by specifying reason for what you are being grateful for.

In almost all the culture, people have been practicing gratitude since the beginning of time in the form of prayer, as a gesture to acknowledge help given by someone, etc.But since we have become so busy in our life that somehow we forgot the real essence of gratitude.

It is very similar to Newton’s third law of motion, “To every action, there is equal and opposite reaction”. So, when we start expressing gratitude to people and things around us, we start changing our life, by attracting more prosperity. For example, if you say thank you to the money, while you give it other, you thereby attract more money in your life. Similarly, if we say thank you to our body for our health, we attract more health. What we give out, we receive.

Benefits of gratitude

Another important point about gratitude is it not only helps in attracting what you want in life, but it also helps you in lifting your mood. Let’s say, if you have a bad mood, you can instantly change your mood by thinking three things you are grateful for. There are many simple ways in which one can include gratitude in their life and see its magic happening.

  • Starting your morning with gratitude. When you are in the bed, start your day by expressing “Thank you Universe for….”.
  • Think of five things in the morning for being thankful for.
  • Try saying the magical word as much time as you want for the entire day, including food, water, clothes, job, and children, etc.
  • Whenever you feel low, change its frequency (of mood) by thinking of three things you are grateful for.
  • End your day with gratitude.

Please remember we are bestowed with many blessings, big or small from universe. Expressing gratitude not only helps in keeping the things you have, it also attracts more abundance as well as happiness. Let the magic of gratitude begin.